Deep Racer 2023

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence through gamified learning by developing your autonomous racing car.

The Competition Final : 06th September 2023
Prize Giving : 07th September 2023

Welcome to a virtual autonomous racing league, driven by Machine Learning (ML). It’s time to skill yourself in ML and Reinforcement Learning (RL). Developers of all skill levels can get hands on with machine learning through a cloud-based 3D racing simulator. Build your ML models, hit the tracks virtually, and race to win big.

The POLYCC Deep Racer is organized in conjunction with eDOLA award ceremony that celebrates the best of TVET digital content and creation efforts by the Malaysian Polytechnic and community college students

The POLYCC Deep Racer 2023 Grand Finale



Start Your Engine Now

Join the competition to demonstrate your abilities and experiment with machine learning via a cloud-based 3D racing simulator, fully autonomous 1/18th scale race car driven by reinforcement learning, and global racing league.

Once you have built your model, it’s time to race!

*Terms & Conditions apply

What is AWS DeepRacer?

AWS DeepRacer gives you an interesting and fun way to get started with reinforcement learning (RL). RL is an advanced machine learning (ML) technique that takes a very different approach to training models than other machine learning methods.


A hands-on way to experience ML

Events start with a hands-on machine learning workshop led by an AWS expert that helps attendees learn the basics of machine learning, start training reinforcement learning models, and test them in an exciting, autonomous car racing experience.

Encourage experimentation and growth

Attendees can test their newfound skills in either a virtual or in-person event format by experimenting with multiple sensor inputs, the latest reinforcement learning algorithms, neural network configurations and simulation to-real domain transfer methods.

Foster team building and competition

AWS DeepRacer events provide an opportunity for attendees to compete for prizes and hone their machine learning skills, online or in-person, while sharing ideas and insights on how to succeed.

20th July 2023 Opening of POLYCC Deep Racer 2023 registration
3rd August 2023 Closing of POLYCC Deep Racer 2023 registration
8th August 2023

POLYCC Deep Racer 2023 Online Briefing

Preliminary Race Online Starts

14th August 2023 POLYCC Deep Racer Coaching Clinic
22nd August 2023 Closing of Preliminary Race
25th August 2023

Unveiling Top 10 Finalist

Briefing to Finalist

6th September 2023 POLYCC Deep Racer Grand Finale

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We would like to invite all the student of Polytechnic and Community Colleges with prior or without knowledge of IT skill to join this exciting autonomous car competition.
Terms & Conditions

POLYCC Deep Racer competition 2023 terms and conditions.

  1. Open to all students of POLYCC.
  2. No prior skill and technical knowledge is needed.
  3. No Hardware and software are required. All hardware and software needed for the competition are provided during the Grand Finale on the 6th September at Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah.
  4. Each group will be provided with an AWS web console for the competition without any cost (FREE).
  5. Each group consists of one (1) lecturer and three (3) students. The same lecture is allowed to be registered for multiple groups.
  6. Multiple entries of groups are allowed for each institution.
  7. Ten (10) groups with the fastest lap time will be selected for the Grand Finale POLYCC Deep Racer Competition 2023 on the 6th September 2023 at Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz.
  8. Accommodation is not provided for the participant. Packed food will be provided during the Grand Finale Deep Racer Competition on the 6th September 2023.
  9. Prize giving ceremony will be given in conjunction with the 11th eDOLA 2023 prize giving ceremony on 7th September.